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Iga Tea Bowl

Craft Artist
Takashi Tanimoto
Iga, Mie Prefecture
Φ154×H97 mm

The dignity of tea ceramics

A bold design deliberately crafted to evoke the wildness of nature. The glossy vidro glaze, bright green like young grass, is the result of repeated firings at high temperatures.

Developed under the patronage of the former lord of Iga Castle, Iga ware immediately fascinated the medieval tea practitioners who gathered at tea ceremonies. The expression of this piece by Takashi has something in common with those masterpieces of the Ko-Iga (Old Iga) period. If you hold this “Iga Tea Bowl” in your hand, you will first be surprised by its large size. The bold undulation of the mouth is also a distinctive feature, grabbing the viewer’s attention. At first glance, you may be overwhelmed by its massive appearance, but in fact, it faithfully follows the elements of Ko-Iga, and the more you look at it, the more you will feel that it is a bowl that quietly embodies the dignity of a tea bowl truly at home in the tea ceremony. It is not difficult to imagine that the natural ash-glazed black that covers the surface of the mikomi, the inside of the bowl, will beautifully enhance the color of matcha green tea. This kind of expression is not achievable by just anyone, and this may be where Takashi’s essential individuality emerges. Even gazing at the work for some time, I ultimately found myself overwhelmed by the irresistible charm of this work.