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White Raku Tea Bowl, Fujisan

Craft Artist
Hideki Yanashita
Iga, Mie Prefecture
Φ113 × H90 mm

In Praise of the Highest Peak

“Utsushi” (“Replication”) is not only a generous tribute to the original piece, but also a remarkable expression of the artist’s determination to express the beauty of that work through his own skill and sensitivity.

This “White Raku Tea Bowl, Fujisan” is a replication of the original “White Raku Tea Bowl, Fujisan” by Hon’ami Koetsu, a well-known master of culture and art of the Momoyama period (1573-1600). Hon’ami’s “White Raku Tea Bowl, Fujisan,” which is designated a Japanese National Treasure, is a precious masterpiece. Hideki loves many works from the Momoyama period and has been steadily refining his work by creating replicates of these masterpieces.

The white glaze turns black with carbonization, giving this tea bowl an appearance known as katami-gawari (literally, “one-sided switch”), and as the name of the work suggests, it is reminiscent of beautiful Mt. Fuji. The glossy black and white, the fine kan-nyu crackle, and the sheer shape together reveal the Japanese sense of beauty that has remained unchanged since the time of Koetsu. Hideki’s works, created by respectfully examining the masterpieces of the past, are gems sure to evoke new feelings in those who view them.