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Masanori Yamane / Eiko Tanaka

山根 大徳 / 田中 瑛子
Ishikawa Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture / Aichi Prefecture
1981 / 1983
FUZON JAPAN Art Director / Woodworking & Lacquerware Artist

In the white Japanese horse chestnut, the colors lives on

Ms. Eiko Tanaka, a woodworking artisan was born in the city of Anjo, Aichi Prefecture. During her childhood days, she was attracted by handicraft and was good with her hands such as doing crafts and sewing. Influenced by her parents who liked art appreciation, she found herself absorbed in the coloration of Japanese traditional lacquer which are “red, black and gold” and wanted to learn the techniques of lacquerware. After graduating from high school, she studied lacquer art in university. Subsequently, to further her techniques, she entered the training institution located in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture which is a famous production area of woodturning and lacquerware. It was there that she learnt the skills of woodturning and the beautiful art of lacquer painting on Japanese horse chestnut wood under the tutelage of Mr. Torao Nakashima who was a woodworking artisan who also inspired her to envisioned her own style. “The Japanese horse chestnut is a tree with a lot of individuality. That is why I must face it sincerely to try to draw out its strength by using the colors I love which are, red and black”. In 2012, her works were exhibited in New York for the first time. Achieving a reputation for her creation abroad, she started to walk the path of an artist. Married to Mr. Masanori Yamane who manages the gallery “FUZON” located in Kaga City in Ishikawa Prefecture, they work together in holding both domestic and overseas workshops in parallel with her activities as an artist in order to convey the charm of wood and lacquer.



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