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Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture is famous for its pottery. And the production area is considered as one of the six old kilns of medieval Japan. In 1972, Mr. Hidetoshi Ogawa made his own kiln in this town. His second son, Mr. Kouzou Ogawa is the successor to his father and together they are currently producing the earthenware. In 2011, the eldest son Mr. Daizoh Ogawa, set up DAIKURA to support planning and sales and to introduce Ogawa family’s product to more people. Bizen ware has a simple unglazed look and is made by a combination of good quality clay from the Bizen area and fire. The Ogawa family has maintained the traditional and natural ways of making the wares by hand all the way to kiln baking. DAIKURA is also creating new styles while respecting the tradition of Bizen. In 2016, they introduce “hiiro” a water carafe which has a beautiful contemporary aesthetics. This emerging new style has attracted attention both domestically and internationally.


Flagship Products



Bizen ware Cup

備前焼 カップ

Bizen ware Teacup

備前焼 湯のみ

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