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Haibara Co., Ltd.

株式会社 榛原

Haibara started its business in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo as a retailer of papers, ink, and medicines in 1806. Among all the range of products, paper made from “Gampi” plant was the most popular paper for handwriting. In addition to the Gampi paper, prominent artists also applied patterns on the circular fan and the folding fan of Haibara using wood block printing. During the Meiji period, Japanese paper works of Haibara were displayed at the World Expo and were highly valued in overseas countries. Subsequently, as new technology and industries developed overseas, Japanese companies began to import advance measuring equipment and recording instruments and Haibara was the first company to develop and produce Japan’s first recording paper chart for use with them. Currently, the company is run by Mr.Tatsuo Nakamura. He is responsible for the revival of the original patterns of Haibara and he has continued to make efforts to go back to the basics of the company. In the shop, they tie “Mizuhiki” and put “Noshi” by hand in order to hand down Japanese traditional proprieties and manners. Haibara is always proposing “Living with Japanese Paper” to their customers.


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Jabara letter set


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Letter set


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