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Hida Sangyo was founded in 1920 in Hida Takayama an area in Gifu Prefecture as a manufacturer of bentwood furniture. Bentwood is a technique which originated from Austria. However, the craftsmen of Hida Takayama evolved and developed the technology to suit their needs. Since its founding, Hida Sangyo has been producing the “Thonet” chair which is a western styled chair and exported to the United States. During the post war years, the company had been developing and producing original products to meet the demands and needs of Japan’s domestic market too. In 2000, when Mr.Okada took over as president of the company, he initiated and focused on the compression technology of Japanese cedar as a new business. There is an abundance of Japanese cedar in Hida Takayama but the strength of the wood is low and it is not suitable for furniture. Hida Sangyo was able to succeed in producing a strong cedar material by using their bentwood technology. The use of technology in order to make the regional material usable has become the new strong point of the company. Currently, Hida Sangyo has more than 400 employees. Aiming to be the best wood furniture company, they have unlocked the future of wood furniture manufacturing.


Flagship Products



Sori Yanagi Chair




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