White cloud over blue sky


“Cloud” is a white porcelain espresso cup and saucer which was designed by a Singaporean designer, Casey Chen and manufactured by Miyama under the direction of HULS. The advanced technique of “Ikomi” developed by Miyama enabled to realize the complex form of the cloud-shaped handle. And the detailing in Peranakan blue color, which symbolizes Singapore is applied on the saucer by using the technique of “Risen-yaki”. This product is filled with the essence of Singaporean design as well as the craftwork of Miyama.

Ikomi (casting method)
Ikomi (Slip casting) is a type of ceramic molding technique which uses plaster molds instead of using the potter’s wheel. By pouring slip into plaster molds and drying it until its hardened, this technique makes it possible to create thin and strong ceramic products.




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