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Brooklyn Co., Ltd.


Brooklyn Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 in Sendagaya, Tokyo by Mr. Kazuhisa Kusagaya who is the father of the current president, Mr. Masahiko Kusagaya. Their business started off in wholesale of socks and then developed into planning and production of fashion goods. Their major clients were a number of new multi-brand shops, which came into vogue around that time. Together with the growth of those shops, Brooklyn has increased its presence in the fashion industry. Before long, they launched their house brand, “Brooklyn Museum” specializing in leather goods. By offering leather items in vivid colors, this new brand brought a fresh perspective to retail spaces in department stores where blacks and browns were the predominant colors at that time. In 2002, they opened a shop for the brand in Aoyama and it became a gathering place to convey the creation of Brooklyn’s commitment to craftsmanship. Being a leather craftsman, Mr. Masahiko Kusagaya takes custom-made orders. His work on new leather materials with a tanner in an artisanal district, Kaname Co., Ltd. led to the creation of the original leather, “Yamato”. With this 100 percent Japanese-made leather, Brooklyn would like to introduce the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship and made in Japan leather to the world.


Flagship Products

Leather : Yamato


Leather : Kakishibu & Indigo Dyeing


Leather : Indigo Crocodile


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