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Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd.


Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd. was founded in 1775 in Arita. This pottery of Arita ware is known for its beautiful pale blue glaze. They had started the production of the porcelain with pale blue glaze during the ninth generation of the family which was headed by Mr. Kakushi Fujimoto. He had developed the pale blue glaze in order to differentiate his products from the rest as there was a shortage of painting artisans at that time. Blue pale glaze originated in Jingdezhen in China and the number of its manufacturer was limited in Japan, thus it was considered a rare technique. With this technique, colour shading can be created by making a “tamari” (pool) for glaze in the white base of porcelain. The products of Fujimaki Seitou with such a refreshing colour became popular during summer among Japanese-style restaurants. The unique glazing technique which was fostered by the development of the pale blue glaze as well as the attention to colours makes this type of pottery special. Making use of their unique technique, the tenth-generation president, Mr. Kosuke Fujimoto responds to high demands of designers from Japan and overseas from the Arita ware brand “1616/” project and is seeking an expression and style that cannot be found elsewhere. Since they do not apply any painted decoration, their pottery style focuses on refinement of the glaze and the shapes of its products.


Flagship Products

Pale blue glaze Floral-shaped Bowl


Pale blue glaze Ripple Plate

青白磁 Ripple plate

Relief Tea Bowl

レリーフ ティーボウル

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