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“Three Hands” – Group Exhibition of Bizen Artists Takashi Baba, Syo Fujita, Taiga Mori

Takashi Baba, Syo Fujita, and Taiga Mori are up-and-coming young artists of Bizen ware who are active in both Japan and overseas, while collaborating together in managing a gallery in Bizen, called “gallery Kai”.

In this exhibition, various works made by the three artists will be revealed for the first time, which include tableware items such as sake cups and bottles, as well as vases, and other art objects. We hope you will enjoy the works by these artists who pursue their own expressions while valuing the tradition inherited in Bizen ware.

Venue: HULS Gallery Tokyo
Date: 9th April (Fri) – 1st May (Sat), 2021 * Closed on Sundays and public holidays
You can enjoy talking with the artists via online on 9th (Fri) and 10th (Sat) April in the following time slot;
①11:00~ ②13:00~ ③14:00~ ④15:00~ ⑤16:00~ ⑥17:00~
* Reservations are required. Please contact the email address below.
* Please come to the gallery directly on your reserved time slot.
* Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on the situation. Please check the gallery website or SNS for the latest information.

■ Zoom Online Sake Experience “Enjoy Hot Sake with Bizen Ware at Home”

Unglazed Bizen ware is said to have the effect of bringing out the flavor of sake. At this event, the owner of the liquor shop “Sake Urara”, Rio Domae, will be the instructor, and you can enjoy an evening drink with the artists while learning how to make good Kanzake (hot sake) via online. Please feel free to join us.

Event Date: 24th April (Sat), 2021, 18:00-20:00
Due Date for Applications & Payments: 16th April (Fri) 17:00 * Capacity: 20 members. We will stop accepting applications once it reaches capacity.
Entry fee:
A JPY 3,300- * 1 bottle of sake (720 ml), shipping fee and tax included
B JPY 5,500- * 1 bottle of sake (1800 ml), shipping fee and tax included
For more details and application procedure: https://forms.gle/WWjK6pCwntwFJobL8 * Japanese only
* We accept applications from the form on the link above or by the email address below.

■ Artists Profile

Takashi Baba
A ceramic artist living in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. He challenges himself in creating innovative Bizen ware with his unique sense of shapes and colors, such as the “Yohen Blue” series, which utilizes a technique that produces a bright blue color only by compounding soil and firing without any glaze.

1983 Born as the eldest son of Bizen ware artist Shosuke Baba
2006 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2012 Monument production in front of JR Bizen Katakami Station
2013 Private exhibition at the National Designated Important Cultural Property Ohashi House
2014 Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Art Gallery
2015 UK London Yamato-Japan Foundation Japan House Gallery “The Power of Bizen”
2016 Beijing, China Invited exhibition and lecture at “Takumi Shinsho”.
2019 Exhibited at UAE Abu Dhabi ADIHEX
Exhibited at Nihombashi (Nihonbashi?) Mitsukoshi’s Art Square
2020 Exhibited at “ONE ART TAIPEI” in Taiwan
Exhibited at “ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2020” in the Philippines

Syo Fujita
A ceramic artist living in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. After studying general arts, he entered the ceramics field and studied under Kazuya Hashimoto. He continues to create works that add creativity to everyday life, while conveying the charm of “yo-no-bi (which means beauty in everyday objects)” of Bizen ware.

1978 Born in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
1999 After graduating from Bizen Ceramics Center, studied under Kazuya Hashimoto for 5 years
2014 Four-person exhibition at four locations in New York, Iowa
2017 Exhibition and solo lecture at ESPACE DENSAN (Paris “Maison Wa”). Permanent exhibition thereafter
Three-person exhibition at two locations in Taipei
2018 Commissioned works for “Pur’ – Jean-François Rouquette” (1 Michelin star) in Park Hyatt Hotel Paris
Permanent exhibition of works at “Le Rocketship” (Paris)
2019 Opened “gallery Kai” in Imbe, Bizen City

Taiga Mori
A ceramic artist living in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. He inherited the kiln from Furai Mori, his grandfather and Bizen ware artist. He aims for creations that reflects the strength of nature of Bizen’s clay and stone using the potter’s wheel and tebineri (hand-building) which is handed down by his grandfather.

1974 Born in Inbe, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture
2000 After graduating from Bizen Ceramics Center, he inherited the kiln from Furai Mori, his grandfather and Bizen ware artist. Learned ceramic sculpture from Gyokushu Kimura
2013 Built Bizen style kiln in France with five Bizen ware artists
Exhibited and lectured at Musée national de la porcelaine Adrien Dubouché in Limoges, France
2014 Travelled to the United States with three Bizen ware artists. Held exhibition, kiln-firing instruction, conducted tea ceremony
2016 Exhibited Bizen ware audio speaker at Milano Salone in Milan, Italy
2017 Exhibition, lecture and tea ceremony at Ceramics Museum Berlin (Tea ceremony exhibition) in Germany
2018 Three-person exhibition in China at Tiantai Mountain National Museum, in Hangzhou and in Shanghai
Exhibited at Collect in UK
2019 Held exhibitions in Costa Rica, Taiwan and Korea
Started “gallery Kai” through joint management



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